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European conference

>From the internet:


>From March 15.-18. in 2000 the First Symposium on European Dinosaurs will
be held in Düsseldorf (Germany). This shall be the first meeting on the
continent where dinosaurs were born, solely devoted to this topic. In the
last two decates or so, the research on dinosaurs from all countries of
Europe has seen a dramatic development: from the west coast of Portugal
over Romania to Western Russia and from Spitzbergen to Italy new findings
have been made.
There was not only a increase in dinosaur diversity, knowledge of the
ecology of dinosaur populations, news on embryos, nesting- and egg-sites,
some new findings presented absolutely new dinosaurs, which are of
worldwide importance (for example Baryonyx, Pelecanimimus, Ampelosaurus).
Some showed unusual well preserved details of the original body as
Scipionyx or Pelecanimimus.
European Dinosaurs are documented well from both, the beginning and the end
of this area: The famed Plateosaurus sites in France or Germany, the
remains of the early predator Liliensternus are highlights of the beginning
of the dinosaurian era and the Upper Cretaceous sites from Romania, Spain
and France showing the decline of this species are of importance as well. 
The First Symposium on European Dinosaurs tries to focus on all new
aspects. It should serve as a platform for scientists and interested
If you are interested to attend, please contact one of us and we will send
you further informations.

Sven Sachs, Norfer Str. 9, 40221 Düsseldorf, GERMANY, Tel./Fax: 0211 /
154456, e-mail: dinosven@compuserve.com

Raymund Windolf, Grundstr. 10, 27374 Visselhövede, GERMANY, Tel.: 05195 /
933855, Fax: 05195 / 933854

Dr. Michael J. Benton, University of Bristol, Department of Geology, Queens
Road, Bristol BS8 1RJ, UNITED KINGDOM, Tel.: 0117 / 928 8202, Fax.: 0117 /
9253385, e-mail: mike.benton@bristol.ac.uk

Dr. David Weishampel, John Hopkins University, Department of Cell Biology
and Anatomy, School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD 21205, USA, Tel.: 410 /
955-7145, Fax: 410 / 955-4129, e-mail: dweisham@welchlink.welch.jhu.edu