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Stegosaurus Tail Spikes

In a message dated 98-08-31 04:57:10 EDT, Tracy Ford wrote:

 George posted that Ken 'corrected' Stephens reconstruction of
 Stegosaurus plates and spines. I was tell George about horizontal tail
 spikes before Ken came out with the 'real' thing. Thankfully, science
 proved me right. >>

  Just for the record, a copy of Charles R. Knight's Smithsonian Stegosaurus
model (1903) at The Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia,  Maurice
Wilson's (C.1960) Stegosaurus watercolor in the 1969 edition of _The Wonderful
World of Life_by Julian Huxley, and an obscure watercolor painted in the
1970's by your's truly all exhibit laterally directed tail spikes on
Stegosaurus. Dan Varner.