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Re: educational materials

For those of you who have contacted me with offers of artwork or small
fossil specimens for the boy, I wish to thank you.

Unfortunately, it seems that the only sarcastic comments that I have
recieved from any of the three lists that I posted to came from this one. 
That really is too bad.

I submitted the request because I thought the people on this list would, as
professionals, appreciate the knowledgability and interest level of this
little guy, and maybe admire the fact that he is so sure of what he wants
to do with his life.  Sure, he's not quite 4 years old yet, but how many
four year olds do you know who like games of strategy, and listening to
Carl Sagan as a bedtime story?  it wouldn't surprise me a bit if he did
grow up to be a paleontologist.  Too many parents dismiss their children's
hopes and dreams when they should be encouraged.

For the most part, the responses I got were favourable.  For the people who
offered the sarcasm, I would like to say this;

Perhaps sarcastic comments such as these are what cause children to lose
interest in things.  

It is too bad that a small number of you cannot remember being that young,
and being so interested in something.

I don't mean to sound meladramatic, but it really kinda bothers me.  It is
such a small thing to encourage a child.  Unfortunately, I guess, it is
easier for some to poke fun and tease.

Once again, thank you very much for the genuine offers that I have received
from some of you.  They are greatly appreciated.  

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> Subject: Re: educational materials
> Date: Monday, August 31, 1998 6:39 PM
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> << When does he intend to publish his first paper? >>
> He's probably waiting until after he examines his first specimen.