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Re: Embryos known?

In David J. Varricchio's _Growth and Embryology_ paper in Currie and
Padian's _Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs_, Varricchio mentions that remains of
tiny bones of the following taxa may represent fossilized embryonic

an unidentified Mongolian hadrosaur
a dromaeosaurid (_Velociraptor_?)

These were not recovered from intact eggs, however, so their status as
embryos, based on association of eggshell, small size, bone texture and
degree of ossification, is not as secure as the identification of
_Troodon_, _Hypacrosaurus_, _Oviraptor_, which most certainly were embryos.
 As I stated before, the above-mentioned _Maiasaura_ and at least two types
of theropod (believed by Philip Currie to be therizinosaurs) also fall
squarely into the list of confirmed embryo fossils.

-- Ralph Miller III     gbabcock@best.com