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R: Muttaburrasaurus vs Altirhinus

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Da: B. Choo <bchoo@cyllene.uwa.edu.au>
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Data: martedì 1 dicembre 1998 16.05
Oggetto: Re: Muttaburrasaurus vs Altirhinus

>While Altirhinus is an iguanodontid (the holotype was for a long time
>referred to as Iguanodon mongoliensis), Mutt. appears to be a much more
>basal/primitive ornithopod which may not even be iguanodontian. Molnar
>suggests that Mutt. diverged from the ornithopod lineage leading to
>iguanodontids/duckbills before the divergence of
>Thus Mutt. and Atlirhinus are not closely related and the nasal bulla
>developed independantly in these two dinosaurs.

Okay; this is than that Molnar write in the paper "Observations on the
Australian Ornithopoda Dinosaur, Muttaburrasaurus", but I have read on the
List (I don't remember when) that it is possible that there are much more
similarities between Muttaburrasaurus and Tenontosaurus than to
Muttaburrasaurus and Iguanodon expecially in the jugal, quadratojugal,
scapula and coracoid.
I'm not sure about this, but when I have finished to translate the
description of Tenontosaurus Dossi and Muttaburrasaurus Langdoni I want to
compare this element.

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