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Re: good references?

Shuko Funaki wrote:

> I have some references on dinosaurs such as Dinosauria, and I wonder
> if
> someone knows good references on:
> 1) marine reptiles
> 2) reptiles (except for dinosaurs)
> 3) mammal-like reptiles
> Shuko

  Shuko, in my last post I forgot two to mention two other good books on
mammal-like reptiles:

"Synapsida"  by John C. McLoughlin 1980, (out of print - i think the
publisher was Allen Lane) - an excellent general intro to the group -
very readable.  maybe you can find it ina  library somewhere - or a 2nd
copy if u r lucky

Gillian King - "The Dicynodonts - a study in palaeobiology" (Chapman &
Hall, 1990) ISBN 0-412-33080-6
The definitative (& only!) work on Dicynodonts.  Lists every genus.
Very readable too, explains specialised technical topics in a way that
is very easy to follow.
Still in print but rather expensive - i was very lucky to pick up a
reject copy at huge discount.

Also if u have access to a good library u might want to photocopy the
following paper:

Palaeontologica Africana vol. 21, pp.15-44  (1978)  "The Biostratigraphy
of the Permian and the Triassic - part 5. A review of teh classification
and distrivbution of permo-triassic tetrapods", by J.M. Anderson &
A.R.I. Cruickshank

ok it's sorta out of date but it's still an invaluable reference - lists
every genus known at the time (some more have been discovered since!)
according to locality, formation, time & place.  Also includes
bibliography.  The classification & stratigraphy need revision, e.g.
some forms listed as late triassic are actually early jurassic.  But
still worth having, if only because it lists groups not covered (or
covered only very cursorily) in various books.

Finally, here is a site that has some amazing specimens from Russia:
early reptiles, amphibia, & mammal-like reptiles as well as the
obligatory dinos

Russian Dinosaur Exposition Index

hope this info helps

Kewl!   :-)


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