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field museum exhibits

        Not long ago, someone posted a request for paleo-related exhibits
currently up at the Field.  Until early January, the travelling "China's
Feathered Dinosaurs" is here - if you live in the Midwest, don't miss it.
There's also an excellent permanent paleo exhibit, including a
Daspletosaurus (labelled Albertosaurus) and all kinds of fossils,
dinosaurian and otherwise.  It truly is one of the top fossil exhibit halls
in the world.

        Parts of Sue are on display, but its skull is off exhibit
undergoing preparation at the moment, so you won't see the head.  I
honestly don't know how much longer it will be off - prep of the palate is
tricky, and the matrix varies in hardness.  Parts of the jaw are on
display, along with a forelimb and whatever parts happen to be in the
public prep lab at any given time.  We're still planning to put the whole
thing up in 2000.


Christopher Brochu
Department of Geology
Field Museum of Natural History
Roosevelt Road at Lake Shore Drive
Chicago, IL 60605