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dino books

My hearty thanks to all of you who were able to reply before the server 
went to technology heaven especially Mr. Troutman, Mr. Yates, and Mr. 
Headden.  I will *certainly* keep Dinosauria and The Dinosaur Data Book.
Keeping in mind that this is a public library and I have 6'4" of shelf 
space----my remaining choices are: "Giant Book of T-Rex & Deadly 
Dinosaurs" by Pipe, "Graveyards of the Dinosaurs" by Tanaka, "Night Comes 
to the Cretaceous" by Powell, "Tracking Dinosaurs in the Gobi" by 
Facklam, "James Gurney the World of Dinosaurs" by Brett-Surman, "The 
Complete Dinosaur" by Farlow, "Dinosaur Ghosts of the Coelophysis" by 
Gillette, "Searching for Velociraptor" by Dingus, "Puzzle of the 
Dinosaur-bird: the story of Archaeopteryx" by Schlein, "Dinosaurs" by 
Morris, "The Ul;timate Dinosaur Book" by Lambert, "Dinosaur Tracks" by 
Thulborn, "Predatory Dinosaurs of the World" by Paul, "Digging Up 
Tyranosaurus Rex; Digging Dinosaurs; Dinosaur Lives; & The Complete 
T-rex" all by Horner, "Dinosaur Heresies" by Bakker and several by Don Lessem
Again my gratitude goes out to all of you who took the time to assist me 
and my youngsters most of whom are immigrants.
Loralee Armstrong