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Re: Egg shapes


    I just checked the Stone Company website (they were the ones that put
about 100 dino eggs on display at DinoFest this past March/April - and Ralph
Miller mentioned them in his earlier post concerning the _Sinosauropteryx_
Chinese paper translation).  [They are also on this list, and I'm sure that
Charlie or Florence will jump in if they feel I've misrepresented them].
According to them, ALL elongate dino eggs are theropod dinos.  There is no
mention of actual ceratopsian eggs and/or embryoes since the discovery that
the formerly identified _Protoceratops_ eggs/nests were actually
_Oviraptor_.  I suspect that the previously referenced Mikhailov papers were
based upon the earlier identification  (If that is NOT the case, I'm sure
that Tracy will correct us).  I've seen copies of the nests described, and
they are the elongate egg shape, and therefore, probably are theropod eggs.

    Allan Edels

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><<  Have all eggs that were attributed to Protoceratops and Breviceratops
> become Oviraptorid?  Are there any eggs that could reasonably be
> If so, what shape were they?  >>
>There's that shole nest of baby Protoceratops that I assume has egg
>in it. (Anyone know for sure? Nest ring a bell? Pretty recently discovered,
>all the little babies jammed together in a circular nest?)
>-Christian Kammerer