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Re: Dino Eyes


DeRaptor wrote:

Could the beasties' orbs move around in their sockets, and if so, how much?
OK, I'm by no means an expert, but if you're asking if dinos could look up, down, forward and backward, etc, relative to their head position, I'd say yes. I'm not sure how many vertebrates wouldn't be able to do so. As for artistic application, it depends on who you talk to as far as how obvious it would be that a dinosaur is looking in a certain direction based on where their eyes are focused. Greg Paul's Predatory Dinosaurs of the World says (paraphrased) that theropods' irises likely filled most of the visible eye, with a possibility of slitted pupils as well. (GSP, if you want to clarify any garbling I've done of your info, please do, and forgive me for my ignorance) The whites of the eye would be pushed to the periphery of the visible eye. That small slice of white in the eye would probably be the best way to go for showing eye direction. I personally don't show much of the white of the eye in my dino illustrations, but that may be just my preference.
-Chris Srnka