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Three paleo articles in Nature

The 12/3/98 issue of Nature has three paleo-related articles.  The first is
"Robust dinosaur phylogeny," which questions _Gargoyleosaurus_ as the
sister taxon of the Ankylosauridae.  The next is "The vertebrate track 
record" by Martin G. Lockley.  The third is "Implications of 
Deltatheridium specimens for early marsupial history," by Guillermo W. 
Rougier, John R. Wible and Michael J. Novacek," describing two new 
specimens of the mammal _Deltatheridium pretrituberculare_ from the 
Late Cretaceous period of Mongolia."  This article made the news services
as "Fossil May Be Oldest Marsupial" and "Mongolian fossils give clues to 
mammal evolution."