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Re: Dino Eyes

In a message dated 12/3/98 2:17:00 AM EST, Edels@email.msn.com writes:

<< Are you sure that all the dinosaur had sclerotic plates?  Most of the
 skulls do not show sufficient details around the eyes in each animal.  (I
 may be wrong here, so just correct me if that's so).  I know that some
 skulls are quite detailed, like _Deinonychus_ with its sclerotic rings, but
 I am unsure about several of the other dinos. >>

All dinosaurs for which excellent skulls are known do have sclerotic rings
(e.g., hadrosaurians, tyrannosaurians and other theropods, protoceratopids),
so we presume most all did, and that those specimens that lack sclerotic rings
lack them because of poor preservation. Perhaps I'd make an exception for some
marginocephalians, and maybe ankylosaurians, which had those bony eyelids. In
these dinosaurs the sclerotic rings may have been lost, or possibly