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R: Muttaburrasaurus vs Altirhinus

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Da: Stanley Friesen <sarima@ix.netcom.com>
A: Alessandro Marisa <amaris@tin.it>
Data: giovedì 3 dicembre 1998 7.37
Oggetto: Re: Muttaburrasaurus vs Altirhinus

>In this case, it is likely the characteristic evolved twice, as the two
>forms are otherwise quite distinct.

Therefore, there are a possibility that the same structures evolved
independently because the two animals lived in the same habits.

>Perhaps.  However, I suspect it was a display structure, either to attract
>mates or to intimidate rivals.  Its true function cannot easily be
>determined, so any reasonable idea is possible.

I suspect that there are a forms of sexual dimorphism in the two crania of
Muttaburrasaurus Langdoni. If you observed the reconstruction of the two
skulls pubblished in the R.E. Molnar's paper "Observation on the Australian
Ornithopoda Dinosaur, Muttaburrasaurus" you can see that the two crania
differs in the nasal bulla and in the frontal.

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