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RE: Dino Eyes


> I've read that many dinosaurs had acute vision, especially the hunters.
> Any
> speculation about why they developed such good eyesight but limited the
> field
> of vision?  Do any modern mammals have a similar arrangement?
> Thanks.

I don't know if "many" have been described thusly, but I do knoow that at
least _Tyrannosaurus_ and possibly _Troodon_ had a narrower range of vision,
as is the case with most terrestrial mammalian predators.  It's okay to
sacrifice some of your visual range for stereoscopic vision if you're a
predator.  It's generally not the best thing for herbivores because they
need to see more at once and depth perception is not that big of a deal.  If
there is a lion or a tyrannosaur, you want to panic!