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Re: Polar sauropods

>>I don't think the fact that sauropods
>> haven't been found in polar regions precludes their having been
>True enough - so far, though if the poles in those days were fairly close to
>their modern day positions, we are unlikely to do enough prospecting to know
>for sure - that is if none are ever found there.  However, this applies more
>to the Cretaceous; the Jurassic poles were further from their modern day

What was the climate like in those regions?  Previous discussions on the
list question whether larger sauropods could even eat enough.  Cold climates
can't support much in the way of trees, making it tough for something that 
has to eat constantly.  

On a similar note, what were the trees like in the Mesozoic?  Maybe I should
narrow that down to the Cretaceous.  I've wondered if there could have been a 
race between tree height and sauropod reach.  Is this reasonable?  Were all 
the trees deciduous?  Did they lose their leaves in the winter?  Or was it 
more tropical?

Just curious and ignorant of paleobotany.