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Re: Polar sauropods

On Thu, 3 Dec 1998, Randy King wrote:

Actually, I believe that Bob Bakker discussed a sauropod vs. tree height
race in the popular media in the mid eighties.  As to furless sauropds
babies in the arctic; I doubt that they could have sustained the growth
rates demonstrated in Apatosaurs at SVP this year (adult size in less than
15 years) in even the milder Mesozoic climates.  Of course, polar
sauropods may have had different adaptationa as juveniles to cope with
their environments.  And even if it turns out that sauropods couldn't be
hathed above a certain latitude, that hardly precludes sub-adult and full
grown individuals from making northern forays.

Scott Hartman

> On a similar note, what were the trees like in the Mesozoic?  Maybe I should
> narrow that down to the Cretaceous.  I've wondered if there could have been a 
> race between tree height and sauropod reach.  Is this reasonable?  Were all 
> the trees deciduous?  Did they lose their leaves in the winter?  Or was it 
> more tropical?
> Just curious and ignorant of paleobotany.  
> -Randy