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Re: Polar sauropods

At 01:47 AM 12/4/98 +0800, B. Choo wrote:
>Randy King wrote
>>On a similar note, what were the trees like in the Mesozoic?  Maybe I should
>>narrow that down to the Cretaceous.  I've wondered if there could have
been a
>>race between tree height and sauropod reach.  Is this reasonable?  Were all
>>the trees deciduous?  Did they lose their leaves in the winter?  Or was it
>>more tropical?
>>Just curious and ignorant of paleobotany.
>Palaeobotanical evidence suggests that the Australiasian (Australia & New
>Zealand) polar regions in the Cretaceous were dominated by deciduous
>angiosperm forests which were dormant during the winter darkness, rapidly
>shedding their leaves to form leaf mats.

Wouldn't that make it pretty tough on sauropods?  Has anyone pondered whether
they may have beefed up to survive the winters?  Are there other strategies?