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Re: Embryos known?

Ralph Miller III wrote:
> In David J. Varricchio's _Growth and Embryology_ paper in Currie and
> Padian's _Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs_, Varricchio mentions that remains of
> tiny bones of the following taxa may represent fossilized embryonic
> material:
> _Protoceratops_
> _Bagaceratops_
> _Breviceratops_
> an unidentified Mongolian hadrosaur
> _Maiasaura_
> _Camptosaurus_
> _Dryosaurus_
> _Camarasaurus_
> _Mussaurus_
> therizinosaurs
> a dromaeosaurid (_Velociraptor_?)

Add to that list some possible isolated embryonic hypsilophodontid
bones from Southern Australia (and no, don't ask for a reference,
they've only been found in the last year or two. I get an annual
update of the Flat Rocks site report [Inverloch, Victoria] sent to me)

        Dann Pigdon
        GIS Archaeologist
        Melbourne, Australia

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