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Re: R: Muttaburrasaurus vs Altirhinus

Alessandro Marisa wrote:
> I suspect that there are a forms of sexual dimorphism in the two crania of
> Muttaburrasaurus Langdoni. If you observed the reconstruction of the two
> skulls pubblished in the R.E. Molnar's paper "Observation on the Australian
> Ornithopoda Dinosaur, Muttaburrasaurus" you can see that the two crania
> differs in the nasal bulla and in the frontal.

Firstly, the second "Dunlace" skull comes from deposits of a slightly
different age, and hence has been classified as Muttaburrasaurus sp.
rather than as M.langdoni proper. Any differences may therefore be

Secondly, the front part of the holotype skull is mostly missing and
fairly badly preserved, so the original reconstruction (that of an
Altirhinus-like skull) may be in error. If the second skull is
anything to go by then the nasal bulla of Muttaburrasaurus
(assuming both specimens are closely related) probably terminated at
the snout with a strong downturn.

> By and sorry for the english
> Alessandro Marisa
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That's okay. I'm sorry for the English too. Imagine having to eat
English food all the time.  :)

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