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Re: December Dinosaur tv

Just to correct and complement Mary's information:

>Discover Magazine - December 23 - 9:00 p.m. EST
>This may be the program which features Luis Rey's paintings and
>restoration of  _Sinosauropteryx_.  If not, one is coming up soon.

No it isn't. I collaborated on Discover Magazine #403 "Living Fossils" (I
don't know if it has been broadcast yet) in the short documentary dedicated
to the dinosaur-bird connection and the origin of flight.
It was nice and felt privileged to illustrate the ideas of such nice people
as Padian, Chiappe and Gauthier (featured in the program) even if I don't
completely agree with >some< of their views.

I'm sure Luis Chiappe will always be ready to give me a good bashing.

Luis Rey

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