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Re: Muttaburrasaurus vs Altirhinus

Alessandro Marisa wrote:

<<Muttaburrasaurus" you can see that the two crania differs in the
nasal bulla and in the frontal.>>

Dann Pigdon wrote: 

<...the front part of the holotype skull is mostly missing and fairly
badly preserved, so the original reconstruction (that of an
Altirhinus-like skull) may be in error. If the second skull is
anything to go by then the nasal bulla of Muttaburrasaurus (assuming
both specimens are closely related) probably terminated at the snout
with a strong downturn.>

  Kinda like how it looks on my site? Check out the "Ornithopods" part
of _Pics_ below; I used iguanodontians, hypsilophodontians, and
*Tenontosaurus* as models to find the most parsimonious face that
agreed with the bones.

Jaime A. Headden

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