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Re: North by Northwest (was Polar Sauropods )

How about using recircualting hot water coils like they used to reach the B-17 
and P-38's in Greenland?  That would have
less possiblility of thermal differential expansion damage to to the fossils, 
and would lose less heat directly to the
atmosphere, so would require less fuel.  I think Betty's concept is great.
Jim C

Betty Cunningham wrote:

> curious if anyone would try one of those mini flame throwers they use on
> creme brulee to defrost around a dig site
> Can you use flame around fossils?
> -Betty Cunningham
> Roger A. Stephenson wrote:
> > Dr. Gangloff talked of huge bonebeds at several of the sites, new 
> > techniques for recovering fossils from permafrost,