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Re: [Re: polar sauropods]

That is assuming that the current 23 1/2 degree tilt of our planet's
axis has always been that way.  If not, if the angle was reduced, that
would move the arctic/antarctic circle boundaries further towards the
poles, and move the zone of "six month darkness" as well.  Some credence
has been given to the theory that the earth is spinning like a dying
top, and precession of the axis lends some credence to this, although a
wobble factor may also be the result.  In addition to increasing the
distance between the arctic circles, this would also decrease the angle
which sunlight strikes the planet during the winter.  In addition,
atmospheric conditions may have been different, in which a different
combination of gasses making up our atmosphere may have resulted in more
trapped heat, no polar ice caps, etc..   In short, climatic conditions
may have been radically different from anything in recorded history.

Bill Hinchman