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Desperately Seeking Shantungosaurus

I was browsing through the Hadrosauridae chapter of "The Dinosauria" 
(Weishampel, et al, 1990), and stumbled upon the skull reconstruction of
Shantungosaurus giganteus, the giant Chinese hadrosaur. The skull seems
very incomplete, missing teeth, etc. In the hadrosaur chapter, it mentions
that S. giganteus was first described in 1973, and "Dinosauria" was itself
released in 1990. At that time, S.giganteus was apparently know from 5 or
so pretty disarticulated and incomplete specimens. Have any more
complete Shantungosaurii come to light since then? Is there any
preliminary estimate of total length or weight of one, or of the relative
proportion of forelimbs to hindlimbs? Judging by the skull
reconstruction, these must have been *huge* animals, even by hadrosaur
standards. The book I have gives an estimate of 16,000 kg, is this
reasonable based on what is known of the skeleton?

Any post 1990 references or info. would be greatly appreciated.

(this is my first list post, as I have only recently succumbed to the
Dinosaur Addiction. So far, "The Dinosauria" is the only scientific dino
reference I have read, so I'm probably a bit out of date...) 

-Dave V.

P.S.: Ornithopods rule...the bigger the better   :)