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Where/Who/What was/is this?

Hi people.
I have a fossil at home that I got from a rockshop near Mt. Rushmore...
According to the guy I bought it from, it's a titanothere bone.
The bone itself is white, and doesn't look anything like my tiny shards 
of dinosaur bone, and is quite heavy.
I tried to draw a picture of it on my computer...but it's not too good. 
(Boy do I wish I had a scanner or a digital camera now!)
I think the bone's a piece of the backbone, but I'm not sure...It could 
be part of the hip or something...
( It's a really neat fossil!)
Someone...please help me find out what this fossil is from (What type of 
Titanothere), and where the bone is located.


Jessica Wagar
Amateur Paleontologist

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