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Petrified Wood

I know it may not be a dinosaur, but it is still interesting.  When I went
home for Thanksgiving I was driving around and spotted some petrified wood
(Judith River Formation).  Not thinking that it would be a big piece I went
down to pick it up.  Well after carrying the 110 lb piece up 30 feet of
coulee, I was a little tired.  Dimensions are as follows apx 33 X 13 X 5.5
inches. There were some other smaller pieces that scattered around that I
picked up too.  I am currently working on one of those pieces.  I am not
sure what type of tree it is or what it type of soil it was preserved in, I
will find that out later.  Well I thought I would share that with all of
you, since it is the biggest piece of PW I have found in the JRF so far.


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