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Re: polar sauropods

GSP1954@aol.com wrote:
> Nyet on dinosaurs migrating from polar regions. The distances that must be
> traveled are so extreme that it is not energetically feasible, even caribou
> (which have extremely energy efficient legs) make no attempt to move out of
> polar winters. Only creatures that fly or swim - both much more energy
> efficient per kilometer than walking - can migrate far enough to avoid high
> latitude winters. I've published on this subject in Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs
> (Currie & Padian) 1997 and Journal of Paleont 62:640-652 1988.
> GSPaul

Also in suppport to what Greg said, there have been juveniles found in
the Artic which would mean they didn't migrate north in the winter and
to the south to lay eggs in the spring.