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Dinosaurs in the trash and in your backyard

Two paleo/dinosaur discovery stories of possible interest:

"Fossil of prehistoric fish found under Texas landfill
8- to 12-foot predator roamed waterways 90 million years ago "
Fort Worth Star-telegram 

"IRVING, Texas -- Mountains of waste will soon be heaped into the 
newest trash pit at Hunter Ferrell Landfill, but for now, the hole is 
home to a prehistoric prize."

"Nestled 60 feet under the landfill are fossilized pieces of an 8- to 
12-foot-long xiphactinus, a menacing fish with razor-sharp teeth
 and powerful jaws, that roamed waterways 90 million years ago."

"A case of beginner's luck for an amateur geologist
He discovers dinosaur leg bone in Arbutus "
By Frank D. Roylance 
Baltimore Sun Staff

"An amateur geologist poking around on a desolate, rubble-strewn lot in 
Arbutus has stumbled across what appears to be part of a leg bone of 
Maryland's official state dinosaur, _Astrodon johnstoni_."