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To all those who I have offended, and to those who I may have somehow 
hurt/messed up/utterly destroyed their e-mail accounts or anything like 
that that happened bad as a result of my attacking a sketch to an  email 
I sent to the mailing list earlier, I would like to say that I am very 
very sorry.
This probably is just my concience bugging me, or me being 
'over-sensative' to things that I do wrong, but I really feel bad for 
what I did.
I did not know that sending pictures and other attachments with e-mail 
could have ...adverse...effects on others' emails, nor did I know that 
my email stuck the picture into the HTML somehow.
I've learned my lesson,
therefore I will never send anything as an attachment from this e-mail 
address (or any other one I ever happen to get)to this mailing list, or 
to any other.
I'd also like to appologize for anything else I've done that was wrong 
and didn't know about because no one mentioned it was wrong.
I hope to learn from my wrong doings, my mistakes...and to continue 
better than before.
Again, I'd like to say sorry, and I'd like to say that I won't make 
other mistakes in the future...but I don't know everything, and I'm far 
from perfect. All I can say is that I'll try to continue on better than 
ever before, knowing the rules of the 'list better now, and with luck, 
and thought....my mistakes will become less.

~Jessica N. Wagar

Jessica Wagar
Amateur Paleontologist

Good friends are like good books;
Hard to find and worth keeping-JNW'98

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