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RE: tyrannosauus

>       Thanks.  This DOES bring up a question that has been floating around
> in my gray matter for a while:
>       if Tyrannosaurs (& perhaps other dinosaurs) grew throughout their
> life, do we know what the
>       growth rate was after reaching "maturity".  The analogy I'm thinking
> of here is crocodiles.  If memory serves, the largest salt water crocodile
> ever recorded was well over 20 feet & almost a ton.  
>       Of course, with crocodiles, the growth rate slows considerably after
> a certain age, but it never
>       stops.  So, how much larger could a 30 year old Tyrannosaurus rex be
> than, say a 10 year
>       old T. rex?
>       Dwight

I've got a question for any of you.  
I've been doing research on the tyrannosaur for almost a yaer now, and
haven't come across or heard about any finds on baby Tyrannosaurs.
This has bothered me for some time now, and I know I'm not the only bothered
by this, but why haven't there been any baby Tyrannosaurs found???  There
have been juevinilles found in the Tyrannosaur family yet no babies.  Why?? 
I would like to hear your hypothesis as to why that is.  Or am I mistaken
and there have been babies found??  I've kept up with new finds as much as
possible and don't think I've missed that particular find.
I'd appreicate it if I could get at least theory or hypothesis as to why
this is.

Kari Baker