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Re: tyrannosauus

The most common reason that I've heard is that Tyrannosaur juveniles most
probably were raised in areas where the preservation was unlikely - e.g.
highland or mountainous areas.  It is also possible that the juveniles
stayed together until reaching maturity, at which point they probably split
out from the crowd and went solo or in small groups.

    I've also heard some people's opinion that _Nannotyrannus_ was a
juvenile Tyrannosaur.  (Bob Bakker wouldn't like that - I'm sure).  I wonder
what the current thinking on that is?

        Allan Edels

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>> Thanks.  This DOES bring up a question that has been floating around
>> in my gray matter for a while:
>> if Tyrannosaurs (& perhaps other dinosaurs) grew throughout their
>> life, do we know what the
>> growth rate was after reaching "maturity".  The analogy I'm thinking
>> of here is crocodiles.  If memory serves, the largest salt water
>> ever recorded was well over 20 feet & almost a ton.
>> Of course, with crocodiles, the growth rate slows considerably after
>> a certain age, but it never
>> stops.  So, how much larger could a 30 year old Tyrannosaurus rex be
>> than, say a 10 year
>> old T. rex?
>> Dwight
>I've got a question for any of you.
>I've been doing research on the tyrannosaur for almost a yaer now, and
>haven't come across or heard about any finds on baby Tyrannosaurs.
>This has bothered me for some time now, and I know I'm not the only
>by this, but why haven't there been any baby Tyrannosaurs found???  There
>have been juevinilles found in the Tyrannosaur family yet no babies.  Why??
>I would like to hear your hypothesis as to why that is.  Or am I mistaken
>and there have been babies found??  I've kept up with new finds as much as
>possible and don't think I've missed that particular find.
>I'd appreicate it if I could get at least theory or hypothesis as to why
>this is.
>Kari Baker