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Re: tyrannosauus

> I've got a question for any of you.  
> I've been doing research on the tyrannosaur for almost a yaer now, and
> haven't come across or heard about any finds on baby Tyrannosaurs.
> This has bothered me for some time now, and I know I'm not the only
> by this, but why haven't there been any baby Tyrannosaurs found???  There
> have been juevinilles found in the Tyrannosaur family yet no babies. 
> I would like to hear your hypothesis as to why that is.  Or am I mistaken
> and there have been babies found??  I've kept up with new finds as much
> possible and don't think I've missed that particular find.
> I'd appreicate it if I could get at least theory or hypothesis as to why
> this is.
> Kari Baker
Preservational factors are one problem . It's like all late Cretaceous
small theropods -
very little in the way of fairly intact fossil material ( Dromaeosaurus ,
Richardoestesia ,Saurornitholestes and Aublysodon ) .There have been some
teeth found that are attributed to juvie tyrannosaurs .Also there's some
juvenile Tarbosaur material ( don't have ref . available , just some pics )
 Hope this helps . 
Regards , 
Truett Garner