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Re: tyrannosauus

In a message dated 12/7/98 10:41:27 PM Eastern Standard Time,
brandonc@advant.com writes:

<<  Another
 possibility would be that T. rex young grew extremely fast [to ensure
 survival] and therefore spent more time as a juevinille than a baby. >>

I'd been wondering about the pigeon effect myself.
Remember all the old discussion about why nobody ever saw a baby pigeon?
Robert Benchley wrote about nature's malevolence as symbolized by the morning
pigeon cooing outside his window while he tried to sleep and as proven by the
fact that nature never even bothered with birth for this evil.  Turns out
pigeons just grow quickly.

A propos of mistaken impressions, did you read about the scientists who were
studying to see if squirrels remembered where they buried nuts or had to
search for them?  The scientists watched where the squirrels dug, then stood
out in the cold and snow all winter to see if the squirrels' maps were as good
as their own.  No squirrels.  Come spring, the scientists tried to dig up the
nuts to see what the squirrels had missed.  No nuts.  The squirrels had seen
them watching and only pretended to bury the nuts.