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Re: The life of birds

Betty wrote:

>Dann Pigdon wrote:

>> Wouldn't the development of flight get you away from terrestrial
>> predators (out of the frying pan), but within convenient snatching
>> distance of pterosaurs (into the fire)?

>The falcon-form hunters have razor sharp talons which are supported by
>amazingly strong feet and sturdy legs-to take the striking force/impact
>of hitting an object at speed in flight.  The feet are the first part of
>the predator to strike the prey and take nearly all of the impact.  The
>pterosaur form with it's membraneous wings and patagium does not seem to
>be adapted for fast and heavy strikes in flight   Pterosaurs didn't
>attack with the efficiency of a falcom-form bird, certainly

Of course, there's always a possibility that there are yet-to-be-discovered
harrier-type pterosaurs that use their feet to capture volant prey, like
falconiform harriers do today. If Padian's reconstruction of an
avian-style, patagium-free pterosaur leg are verified, against Unwin's
bat-like model, this raises that possibility.