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Dinosaur TV 2/3's Week

And boy are my arms tired.

Here are some highlights of U.S. national television programming
concerning dinosaurs, other prehistoric animals and evolution, from
high art to low trash and back again, all times Eastern (check local
listings to confirm):

Sunday, December 13

TBS, 7:00pm
National Geographic Explorer
Includes segment called "Dinosaur Fever" and one called "Mystery of
the Neanderthals."

TBS, 11:00pm
National Geographic Explorer

There are also several different movies on T.V. this week concerning
tyrannosaurs with human brains in Los Angeles.  

Yes, that's SEVERAL.  

I have no intention of promoting them.  Go find them yourself if you
are so inclined.  One features a contractually-bound Whoopi Goldberg,
the other Denise Richards, that ravishing, delightfully-vacant
presence from STARSHIP TROOPERS.

Last Week, Garrison Hilliard wrote of my comment that I would be
searching for the elusive Bermudan tiger during my Caribbean trip:

>Well, you aren't going to find it, as Bermuda is off
>the coast of South Carolina and nowhere near the >Carribean Sea.

Ha ha!  An especially ironic error on my part, as I had just spent the
better part of the afternoon explaining to my cousins (English
cousins, no less!) that Bermuda is NOT in the "Carribean" (known to
some as the Caribbean).

Perhaps it was a subconscious impulse on my part -- seeing that
Hilliard had not posted anything lately, I sensed that pouncing on an
obvious brain fart would be right up his alley!

(Hey, what's sauce for the goose .... Oh, and "in the interests of
science," let me point out that Bermuda is "off the coast of South
Carolina" in much the same way that the Phillipines are "off the
coast" of Vietnam.  Enjoy the swim!)

No sign of the tiger. Plenty of Jamaican Anoles though.

I knew Dinosaur TV Week.
I worked with Dinosaur TV Week.
Dinosaur TV Week was my friend.
Senator, you're no Dinosaur TV Week.

"Atheism -- a non-prophet organization"


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