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Re: Vertebral spines on sauropods...

>I was checking out Stephen Czerkas' drawing of _Diploducus_, and the dorsal spines in the reconstruction. I also remember >seeing similar spines on a drawing by Greg Paul of a _Brachiosaurus_ for The Dinosaur Encyclopedia. Is it generally accepted >that many sauropods had such structures?
Not really. Greg Paul one of the few artists who put such spines on almost every sauropod. There of course is some evidence for them, but was (as far as I know) found only one time, on a diplodocid.
>How similar are these spines to those on, say, an _Amargasaurus_ or _Dicraeosaurus_?
Nothing similar. Dicraeosaurids' "spines" are just elongated split vertebral neural arches. They are not separate structures. Les spines that may have partly covered some sauropods were in fact not even ossified (bony). They may well have been scattered on the whole body of every sauropod, but they could also have been just a little row on the back of just one diplodocid.
>Chris Srnka
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