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Handbook of Avian Body Masses

Jim Farlow wrote:
> A few years ago somebody (CRC Press, I think) published a book that is 
> a handbook of the live body masses of extant birds.  Does anybody know 
> the complete citation of that work right easily?  Thanks

Handbook of Avian Body Masses
by   Dunning, Jr.; John B.


Body mass, or weight, is the most useful descriptive measure of relative
 body size in birds. Masses are usually reported in avian studies of 
comparative ecology, physiology, breeding biology, and zoology. In 
addition, adult body mass is a vital statistic for studies of allometric
 relationships, growth and development, flight, and biometrics.The data 
in this handbook was compiled to provide a ready reference source for 
body masses of most of the world's species of birds. Masses of over 
5,800 species are presented, representing about 65% of the known
 birds. Information for each species includes, when available, the mean, 
standard deviation, range, sample size, collecting locale and season, 
and original source. Separate means are presented for males and females 
in sexually dimorphic species. This handbook should greatly improve the
 ability of avian researchers to quickly locate body masses for most bird 
species and incorporate this data into research. Airplane design engineers
 and airport management professionals can also use these data to calculate 
the damage done by various species of birds when they hit aircraft. Avid 
birders, members of birding organizations, and bird banders will also find 
the book useful for their activities. 


?Body Masses of Birds of the World (J.B. Dunning, Jr.). Body Masses 
and Composition of Migrant Birds in the Eastern United States (E.P.
 Odum). Literature Cited. Index. 


?Provides data on adult body mass for about 5,800 species of birds, which
 comprises 65% of all known bird species ?Contains complete statistical
 descriptions of mass data as reported in the original source, including 
mean, sample size, standard deviation, range, collecting locale, and 
season ?Separate male and female means are given for sexually dimorphic
 species ?Geographic variation is described for polymorphic species by 
including several representative means from the species' range, if available
 ?Species order is based on the latest avian taxonomy and systematics 
Publication Pricing

Handbook of Avian Body Masses
Catalog Number: 4258
ISBN: 0849342589
Author: Dunning, Jr.; John B.
Price: $99.95, Publication Date: 10/05/92