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Re: Vertebral spines on sauropods...

Christopher Srnka wrote:
> I was checking out Stephen Czerkas' drawing of _Diploducus_, and the
> dorsal spines in the reconstruction. I also remember seeing similar
> spines on a drawing by Greg Paul of a _Brachiosaurus_ for The Dinosaur
> Encyclopedia. Is it generally accepted that many sauropods had such
> structures? How similar are these spines to those on, say, an
> _Amargasaurus_ or _Dicraeosaurus_?

This query touches on something that's bothered me for some time now.
Admittedly, the neural spines of _Amargasaurus_ are ridiculously long,
but is there any actual precedent to back up the assumption that they
form the bony core of "spikes"? What animal -- living or dead -- has
such a structure?

Brian (franczak@ntplx.net)