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Extinction Dates

Hello, all...

I posed this question in a newsgroup and received some good results, but
I thought I'd do a double check here, as well.

I have the beginnings of a Paleontology page on my site, and I am
currently gathering the dates of the various geological ages.  My next
phase is to list all of the known and accepted mass extinctions and
their approximate dates.  I am wondering if anyone here can point me to
a spot on the 'Net that has such dates available.  I would also like to
make note of the minor extinctions that are detectable in the fossil
record.  If you wish, go to my site and see what I have so far.  It is a
work in progress, and quite slow progress with finals coming up and all.

Nonetheless, I wish to be as accurate as possible.  Considering that the
dates for extinctions (and even some geological eras) vary from resource
to resource, this has been somewhat difficult. So a good primary source
would be appreciated, if anyone has any suggestions.

Thanks for any responses....

John M. Dollan
Montana State University - Northern
Graduate Assistant
ICQ #308260

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  --Carl Sagan