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Sternberg Museum of Natural History

I would like to announce the re-opening of the Sternberg Museum of
Natural History in Hays, KS, scheduled for March 13th, 1999.  We may
still be painting the exhibit cases, but the doors _will_ open!

For the dinosaur lovers, like myself, there will be mechanical dinosaurs
in a Cretaceous diorama, with murals making the whole third floor of the
dome look like a scene out of that there dinosaur movie, you know, the
one what made all the big-bucks.  Also, for the first month or so, there
will be a temporary exhibit of casts of dinosaur skeletons in the
changing exhibits area.

For those of you who have never been to Hays, Kansas, just head for the
state of Kansas, then get on that long road that goes east-west through
the middle of it (Highway 70), then go east if you are coming from
Colorado, or west if coming from Missouri/Kansas City.  You can't miss
Hays, since there's nothing much else out here.  Well, except for some
really great fossil beds.  I'd tell ya how much admissions cost, but I
don't know that sort of thing, since they've had me chained down here in
the basement for so long, building exhibits and mounts.  I've got to go
now.  I don't want them figuring out that I used the Dremel (TM) to cut
through my chains! ;-)

Hope to see you there!