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Sexual Dimorphism (was T.rex Q & A)

Dwight writes:

>          I shouldn't have used mammals as an example.  I thought about
> that later. :-)  But, aren't male crocodiles larger than females?  I know
there are birds in which the females are larger.   My point was that I have
heard the African lion analogy used a few times to compare Tyrannosaurs & THAT
analogy seems wholly untenable.  African male lions outweigh the females by ~
20-30%.  So, if Tyrannosaurus rex males were smaller (& I think the evidence
supports this) the "lion strategy"
wouldn't seem to hold.  Or perhaps T.rex had no permanent social
interaction with its own genus except at mating time???

Sexual dimorphism in crocodiles can be just as extreme as in lions (maybe even

For instance in crocs like _C.porosus_ a male CAN clock in at 7 meters while a
female might not get much larger than 4 meters.

Sexual dimorphism in other reptiles is equally diverse

In turtles females are usually larger than males

Same thing with snakes.

Lizards usually have males being larger than females.

So a larger female rex could happen (and it does seem to be the case)

As for sexual dimorphism in other deinosaurs, it's probably equally as diverse
(in the species that have it)

That actually brings up another question.

What other deinos seem to show sexual dimorphism?

Archosaur J

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