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another student thing

PLEASE dont respond to me, or even to the list.  This comes from 
--------- Begin forwarded message ----------
  Hello people.  I am sending out this questionnaire to several random
so if you get this you probably don't know me (with the exception of some
my friends I'm sending this to).  Okay, see I am a high school freshman
and in
my english class we are to write I-search papers.  They're kinda like
papers except I need a primary source (from a person or people).  Any way
you'll PLEASE read this and respond! This is worth a large part of my
The rough draft is due this Friday (the 11th) and the final copy is due
Friday the 18th, so PLEASE try to respond before the 11th!! (I know its a
little late, and I'm sorry about that).
Okay my subject is on the theory that dinosaurs evolved into birds. 
And here are my questions:

1.Have you ever heard the theory that dinosaurs evolved to birds?

2.Do you think its possible? Why or why not?

3.Which theory of the dinosaur's extinction do you believe most?

4.What is your favorite dino and how do you think its similar to birds
the most tiniest, slightest detail would do, if there's any)?

5.If you've ever seen Jurassic Park (the first one), what do you think of
Grant's (the main character whatever the actor's name is) explanation of
he thought dinos became birds?

6.After answering these questions, now what do you think of the

7. Do you even care? (nevermind, I just felt like throwing that in, its
important for you to answer it)

Please answer these questions honestly!!  This is very important!!!  I
afford to fail this paper!!!!!!
Anyway,  THANK YOU for your time!!!  You are really helping me by
to this!!!!!
--------- End forwarded message ----------

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