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Re: Vertebral spines on sauropods...

Brian Franczak wrote:

<Admittedly, the neural spines of _Amargasaurus_ are ridiculously
long, but is there any actual precedent to back up the assumption that
they form the bony core of "spikes"? What animal -- living or dead --
has such a structure?>

  I may be mistaken, but aren't the neural spines flattened, and not
round? Wouldn't this make spikes less likely, as a flat bone would
tend more to bend than a round one, and therefore less effective in
any form of combat or intraspecific interaction? A flat spine would be
more useful, I'd think, for supporting a sail, as originally assumed
(Coria and Salgado) but I may be wrong there.

Jaime A. Headden

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