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Pigmy dinosaurs (was Re: More tyrant Q & A's)

Dwight.Stewart@VLSI.com Date: 10. December 1998 2:41
Subject: RE: More tyrant Q & A's

> For that matter, ALL modern humans are one species: Homo Sapien & we
>vary in height by
> 0  .5 meters & sometimes more.  Variation in Homo Sapien mass is
>very large (no: this isn't
> a fat joke!).  > Dwight

Precisely! I had Homo sapiens on mind, too. This variation in size (even of
the same gender) can be seen literary in every corner.
But, back to dinosaurs:
The other case scenario: the same species of T. rex living on an isolated
island or in an isolated
area, might have developed dwarfism - Might have evolved to  just a
subspecies  - a pigmy T.rex (and later maybe in a different species ).
We've got the case of dwarfism in dinosaurs the Cretaceous of Romania. I
wouldn't  be surprised if we could find similar (if not the same)  species
of bigger size somewhere on mainland in Europe or Africa in the same

So, if I am right, there are several possible reasons of the occurrence of
big, small, robust and gracile forms of the supposedly same dinosaur (or
whatever) species:
1)  growth stage
2) sexual dimorphism
3) variation in size
4) subspecies
5) dwarfism (isolation)
6) reduction of food (dry season may slow down the growth)
7) different species if not genera, altogether

Did I miss something?

( # 1,2,3,4 and 7 could be accounted for if finds are made in the same
strata and area).
The question is how to determine which of the above is the case:
1) counting growth rings?
2) missing tail chevron indicates female (if that part is preserved)
3) ??
4) ??
5) precision in determining strata? (and then? - how to determine it isn't
the case #3, 4,6 or 7?)
6) precision in determining strata? (and then?)
7) ?? (remember the case of recent lion and tiger - I know they are not
related with dinosaurs, but telling apart some bird species is equally

Berislav Krzic
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