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Sexual dimorphism and cladistics

Hey gang - for a scintillating discussion of sexual dimorphism in dinosaurs, 
please read Chapman, et al. 1998 in the last Dinofest volume. It is a review 
article discussing the cases I could find within a phylogenetic context. It 
includes a discussion of "normal" and "reversed" sexual dimorphism (the 
polarity there is strictly human-based and nothing else) which seem to go 
around 50:50 in verts. Theropods are the presumed dinos with reversed, 
following the model of raptorial birds, whereas other groups are assumed to be 
opposite following the croc, most birds, majority of lizards (amphibs, turtles 
and snakes tend to be reversed) model. Reasons are given there. If you can't 
get a copy, send me (NOT ON THE LIST!) your snail mail address and I'll send a 
copy - but be patient. If I get swamped it'll take a while. I was happy with 
the paper when I sent it in and still am. You'll laugh, you'll cry, it'll be a 
total experience.

Speaking of phylogenetic analyses - one of the best intros available has been 
made available on the web following the message listed below. I have the 
original and it is great. I encourage others to check it out.

Ralph Chapman, NMNH

From:   Leonard Krishtalka <krishtalka@ukans.edu>
To:     SIWP11.X("vrtpaleo@usc.edu","krishtalka@ukans.edu"...
Date:   12/9/98 11:32am
Subject:        Compleat Cladist now on the web

The KU Natural History and Biodiversity Research Center has made the first
edition of The Compleat Cladist available on the web at:


because it is out of print, yet in great demand.  The authors are planning
a second edition to be published by the Museum in a year or so.


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