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Re: Sexual Dimorphism (was T.rex Q & A)

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From: Alessandro Marisa <amaris@tin.it>
To: Dinosaur ListServer <dinosaur@usc.edu>; veselinka.stanisavac@siol.net
Date: 10. december 1998 18:09
Subject: R: Sexual Dimorphism (was T.rex Q & A)

<I don't known if there are some sexual dimorphism in Psittacosaurus, but if
I remember correctly the sexual dimorphism proposed for Heterodontosaurus is
based on the presence in some skulls of caniniform teeth, that actually not
represent true sexual dimorphism but two distinct genera Heterodontosaurus
(presence of caniniform teeth) and Abrictosaurus (absence of caniniform

I was aware of the fact Heterodontosaurus  and Abrictosaurus have been
considered as being distinct genera. However, the case might not be
dismissed, yet.

Berislav Krzic