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CAVEPS 99 is the 7th Conference on Australasian Vertebrate Evolution,
Palaeontology & Systematics.  Hosted by the Linnean Society of New South
Wales, and to be held at the University of NSW, Sydney, 6th-7th April 1999.
There are also plans for a post-conference excursion to Wellington Caves,
Canowindra and Lightning Ridge.

Information is available at the following website -  


The convenor is :

Dr M.L. Augee
Biological Science'University of NSW
Sydney 2052

phone: 61-2-9385-2121
fax: 61-2-9385-1558
email:  m.augee@unsw.edu.au

And the deadline for receipt of abstracts is March 1st 1999.

As one of the founders of the CAVEPS symposium series, I can assure you that
it's always an interesting and worthwhile event, with many and varied
presentations on vertebrates - extinct and extant.  Registration costs are
always kept as low as possible for the benefit of students - on this
occasion AUS $35.  Abstracts of the last CAVEPS meeting (Perth, 1997) are
accessible at the same website.

Immediately after the CAVEPS meeting there will be a special symposium -
"Palaeontology, Biogeography and Evolution of Rodents of South-East Asia and
Australia" (8th-10th April, same venue).

Back to the swamp...
Tony Thulborn