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HUNT et al 1998

Ralph Chapman writes:
<<Fauna 3, the Revueltian includes 2 new herrerasaurids, the prosauropod
Revueltosaurus callenderi, Technosaurus smalli, Lucianosaurus wildi & the
infamous protoavis texensis, as well as the original syntypes of Coelophysis
bauri. >>

Woah....  Ralph is this a typo, or have Hunt et al refered Revueltosaurus and
Lucianosaurus to the Prosauropoda?  Last I heard, they were all quite clearly
ornithischians according to them, and also according to my own work....

I know that Sereno has refered parts Technosaurus to prosauropods, though the
premax and its teeth still belong to an ornithischian..

If anyone has access to Geobios, I'd love to see if we could get a ref trade

Peter Buchholz