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Re: Climbing dromaeosaurs?

I don't think its very efficient , if it was the
case, the Dinosaur would have more claws like
you said , and its for limbs would have to be structered a little
differently (ever climb a tree
with just your legs?), A single , sharp, curved, claw (very typically)
to me would be used as a weapon of defence and/or hunting, it could also
may have been used to crack open eggs or dig up
the ground to stash its food (like the Fox that
live around here) but I personally doutb its use
as a climbing device.

Alexander E. Stevens

---Randy King <randyk@ims.com> wrote:
> I've never liked this theory.  There are many successful strategies
> for climbing trees, and nothing like the dromaeosaur claw.  Although
> it seems that such a claw would work, it doesn't seem like it would 
> work that well.  And if it did, three or four suck claws should work 
> better.  And it seems a sicle would work much better on a hand or 
> foreleg than the rear leg.  
> So, does someone have a counter to these arguments?

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