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RE: Climbing dromaeosaurs?

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> Sent: Friday, December 11, 1998 2:26 PM
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> Subject:      Re: Climbing dromaeosaurs?
> I don't think its very efficient , if it was the
> case, the Dinosaur would have more claws like
> you said , and its for limbs would have to be structered a little
> differently (ever climb a tree
> with just your legs?), A single , sharp, curved, claw (very typically)
> to me would be used as a weapon of defence and/or hunting, it could also
> may have been used to crack open eggs or dig up
> the ground to stash its food (like the Fox that
> live around here) but I personally doutb its use
> as a climbing device.
> Alexander E. Stevens

        The claw of Dromaeosaurs doesn't look like a climbing design to me.
It might be
        good for getting the animal STUCK partway up the tree, but for
efficient climbing(?):
        I doubt it.  Look at the claws of a tree sloth or the claws of a
cat, or the hands,
        arms, AND tails of monkeys.  The whole idea of climbing strategy is
mobility &
        retraction, not just the ability to hang on.  And, I agree that
claws on the forelegs 
        would be more useful.  Of course, some climbing animals have claws
on all 4 limbs,
        but why only on the hindlimbs?  I like the digging hypothesis.  But
I suspect Drom-
        aeosaur claws probably served multiple purposes (such as digging AND
        attack).  But, I don't think they were used for climbing.  I'm open
to being convinced
        otherwise, however.